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Rubin’s Hot Sauce
Owner - Rubin Llchtenstein
Rubin's Hot Sauce | Facebook
Rubin’s Hot Sauce creates its own blends of hot sauces available on-line, at live events such as crafts fairs and trade shows, B2B to restaurants, and for non-profits as a fundraiser. Worked with Rubin through a grant from Vital Communities (NH Community Loan Fund) to rebrand his product line, create new marketing materials, and built out Rubin’s Hot Sauce social media presence.

F&R Transportation
Owner - Kevin LaFabvre
F & R Transportation LLC | Facebook
F&R Transportation focuses on door-to-door transportation needs for its elderly clients to bring to appointments, shopping, medical treatments and other places that the elderly struggle to get to while keeping their independence. It is also available for other transportation and delivery services. Helped Kevin through the KIVA loan process to obtain funding to rebrand and put in place other systems to grow his business and developed a 2-year business plan for the business to outline the growth strategy.

Safety in Freedom
Owner - Stephanie Costello
Safety In Freedom, LLC | Facebook
Helped Stephanie through the KIVA loan process to obtain funding for rebranding and to put systems in place to grow the business and am working with Stephanie to develop a 2-3-year business plan to outline the growth strategy.

Spark Offices
Owner - Chris Duhaime
Spark Offices | Facebook
Developed 2-year strategic plan to outline the growth strategy of Spark Offices, ultimately looking to take the brand national through the franchise model.

Mongoose Power Solutions
Owner - Michelle Hilger
Michelle (Walters) Hilger | LinkedIn
Developing a 2 year business plan for both sides of Mongoose business, service & school/training.

Pyxis Academy
Owner - Colton Seale
Colton Seale | LinkedIn
Developed a two-year business plan to launch the business.

a.c.e. Nature is Beautiful
Founder - Clive Willet
ace Nature | Facebook
Developing the 2-year business plan for the growth of the organization. Also contracted as the fractional CEO to rebrand and relaunch the brand and grow it nationally.

Taste and See MC
Owner Erik Willis
Erik is a motivational speaker who believes food is a great medium to bring people together, whether it is in a one-on-one motivation/coaching session or in small groups. Joe is working with Erik to develop this into a successful business plan that brings Erik’s talents to help people.

Keene Barber
Owner John Brown
John graduated from New England School of Barbering in 2016 and has worked in several shops since, with the vision of allows owning his own shop. May of 2020 John made that vision a reality with the creation of Keene Barber in Keene, NH. The doors officially opened June 1st and John’s vision of an “old school, traditional” barber shop in the old railroad depot in downtown Keene was born. Joe was helped John with the complete develop of the business plan and advised him in getting ready to open his shop.

"Without Joe's knowledge and ability to develop my business plan I would have never got to where I am today. Joe took my vision and wrote my business plan and worked with me to present it to the bank to receive funding to launch my barber shop in the middle of a pandemic, opening in July of 2020. Now that I am open, he is a trusted business advisor that I go to discuss my marketing ideas and other tweaks and ideas I have for my business to run even more efficient." - John Brown - Owner and Founder of Keene Barber Shop - Founded July 2020

Revolutionary Paintball Park
Owner August Water
"Joe has provided exceptional help in turning my business idea into a legitimate business plan. I spent quite some time struggling to write my plan and get everything in place, but with Joe's help I have made more progress in the last 3 months that I did in the previous 3 years I spent on it myself. You can tell that Joe genuinely cares and will do whatever he is able, to see me succeed. You won't find that anywhere else." - August Water - Owner of Revolutionary Paintball Park, Founded 2021

Lil’ Kelz Photography
Owner Kelly Kingsbury
Lil’ Kelz is a local photographer who has a unique way of capturing local landmarks, buildings and nature by using Lego and FunkoPops in the foreground of the picture in a creative, silly and original way for tourists’ souvenirs and locals looking for artwork to hang on their walls, magnets or postcards.

Joe has begun the development Kelly’s business plan, did market research on pricing, and helped her with setting her year one goals and financial benchmarks.

“Joe Walker has taught me a lot on building my business and learning about pricing and networking. He’s also been a great supporter while helping me grow my photography business!” - Kelly Kingsbury-owner

Yeoman Brewing Company
Owner Joe Mitchell
Yeoman Brewing Company (YBC) is a locally owned company based out of the North Country in Littleton that brews coffees, teas, kombucha, and chagas currently available at local farmers’ markets. Also makes lemonades and pickles various seasonal products such as fiddleheads. YBC uses all natural ingredients, many of which are harvested right in NH for a healthy drink option. YBC believes in community involvement and supports local farmers and conservation efforts.

Joe is working with YBC owner Joe Mitchell on developing YBC’s business and marketing plan while also helping YBC with its long-term financial plans through becoming an LLC with stock options to help facilitate the company’s expansion into a permanent location to that provides a kitchen for its bottling needs and retail.

Beaulac Law, PPLC
Owner Cindy Beaulac
Cindy Beaulac is an attorney based out of Keene, NH with over 5 years experience, primarily in the area of civil law: specifically family/divorce, landlord/tenant, and general civil litigation.

Joe is helping to develop Cindy’s business plans including helping her define her business’ one to three year growth strategy as well as print marketing materials.

Monadock Travel Council
President Rick Swanson
Monadnock Travel Council (MTC) is a non-profit Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) whose primary focus to increase travel and tourism into the state of NH, specifically the Monadnock region.

While serving as President of the organization Joe helped MTC re-develop its brand/logo and to re-launch its website on a mobile platform. Still a member of the organization, Joe has been hired as an independent contractor to develop print marketing materials, build membership, and to re-engage past members to re-join the organization.

Yanni’s Pizza
Owner Lucki Galatas
Local pizza place in Hillsboro, NH that is home of the oversized pizza, pizza by the slice, and typical subs offered at most pizzerias. They are also known for their steak and cheese subs and also the chicken kabob salads or subs.

Joe helped with financials and marketing when the business first opened, now working with the family to develop a business plan and to research locations to expand in NH.

“When we opened our business over 10 years ago Joe helped us with our marketing, hiring, and business plan. Without his help I know we wouldn’t still be here today.” - Lucki Galatas-owner