Joe's experience, education and knowledge can help your project achieve success

Business Plans
Could you drive cross country without a map? I’m sure all of us could. Could you do it without getting lost? Could you do it without losing your sense of direction at some point during the way? Very doubtful and at what cost? How much time was wasted? How much extra money was spent on gas, lodging, food and the other resources that you had to buy along the way?

This is the same as running a business without a plan (map). You can keep moving it in the right direction; maybe occasionally take a wrong turn and have to backtrack, but eventually you will probably make it to your destination. All of these detours and having to back track results in lost revenue.

Great, you’ve started your business and you are on your way. You have this vision of where you want it to be, but do you really have a detailed plan to get there? How will you know in 2 years, 3 years, 5 years if your business is successful? Have you established benchmarks/goals so you can track your successes?

Businesses need more than just an idea and some direction. They need a PLAN!! Do you have one? Let us help you create achievable goals and objectives so you, your employees, and all the other constituents can see your roadmap to your destination.

Fractional CEO
JWMS now offers fractional CEO services. Through Joe’s networking over the past several years he has established a vetted, readily available, group of independent contractors that are experts in their specific areas. Joe will bring this team in a la carte as you need them to support and grow your business.

Business Funding
Through Joe’s network and connections, he can help business owners get in front of angel investors, banks, and other investors to help fund his clients’ growth strategies. Joe will not just make the email introduction but will be part of the process in bringing his clients to the potential funding opportunities.

Marketing Plans
Marketing plans work within your business plan, they help you understand your long-term vision of how you plan to get your message out. What is your marketing strategy? What is your budget? How are you engaging your potential customers?

Customers are essential for all businesses to be successful. Do you have a plan on how to best utilize your advertising budget? Let us help you develop your vision into a meaningful document that you will be able help guide your company’s vision.

Promotional/Advertising Plans
Do you have a product release, conference or other special event that you need to plan? Not sure the best approach to take to reach your target market to make it a success?

While marketing plans look at a long-term vision, promotional/advertising plans take a focused, short-term approach for a specific event you are trying to market. Let us help you make your event a success. We will work with you to develop an effective approach to reach your potential audience.

What is the best approach to take, should you use a pulsing strategy, flighting strategy or continuity strategy?

Should you focus on reach or frequency?

Helping you develop the most effective way to incorporate traditional mass media approaches (TV, radio, print) with non-traditional methods such as social media, crowd sourcing and guerilla marketing and stay within budget with the desired results.

Presentations/Guest Speaking Services
Sometimes your employees respond better to an outside voice. Often when they hear it from the outside, a third party who reinforces the messages, values, beliefs you are trying to install in your company the message resonates with them.

With nearly 20 years of teaching business and marketing at the post-secondary and high school level Joe has years of experience in taking important concepts and bringing them into the “real-world” in a down to earth, easy to understand approach. Joe does this through use of humor and an interactive approach where your employees will engage in the presentation and take something of value from it.

It’s often said you learn more from your failures than your successes, while that may be true I would prefer learning from other’s mistakes and failures than my own. Using case studies and examples from other companies around the world we can help your employees have a better understanding on numerous topics such as;
  • Branding - Customer service / Human resources
  • Packaging - Pricing / Promotions
  • International management - Leadership across borders / Advertising/promotions
  • SRC - Dealing with ethnocentrism
  • Preparing to send management abroad (expatriation)
  • Other (ask about specific topics and we can develop a professional development seminar to meet your needs)