Recent Presentations

“Guerrilla Marketing” - Effective and inexpensive marketing tactics.

“Pivot” - Have you redefined your business model during these challenging times? Should it become the new way of operating going forward? Developing your marketing and business plan to fit your new way of doing business.

“Unique Value Proposition” - Can you define why a potential customer should choose you over your competitor? If you cannot, they probably cannot either.


Presentation Testimonials

Feedback from some of our great clients.

Stepping Stones Farm & Event Center, LLC
Owner Boo Martin
"I recently attended Joe's fantastic session on Guerilla Marketing sponsored by the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce. It was lively, creative, interesting, well laid out and most helpful. As a brand new business trying to get started in this Corona Pandemic, Joe gave me hope! He encouraged all of us to market, market and then market some more to keep our business on people's minds. Even better, he showed us so many great ways to promote our products through partnerships and collaboration. Joe gave us such great examples of this kind of low cost teamwork that can happen. I highly recommend Joe to businesses large and small, old and new! Thank you, Joe."

Harrisville Inn, LLC
Owner Maria Coviello
"As a result of COVID-19, we must respond to safe ways to re-open and market our business. How fortunate I was able to be invited to this Guerrilla Marketing program? The program put us in a position to change our style of advertising with other businesses to co-branding inexpensively and creatively.

Co-branding is marketing savvy. Now, I am in the process of collaboration with businesses I had the opportunity to meet at this program. I highly recommend this program. Time well-spent."

The Falls Chamber of Commerce
Executive Director Allison St. Laurent
"Joe is very knowledgeable in all-things marketing, and his passion for the subject was obvious in his inspirational presentation to our members. Through exciting visuals and meaningful content, he connected with the audience and delivered a variety of helpful tips and ideas for small businesses to utilize Guerrilla Marketing. We look forward to welcoming him back for another presentation in the future."